What is Website Optimization?

When many people are using specific keywords to search for a particular topic or service you want to rank for, you can create content around those terms or work them in to existing pages and posts That’s what people mean when they say “keyword-optimized” content. 

But popularity isn’t the only factor; when a keyword is too popular, you don’t stand much chance of ranking well for it. Selecting another (or a more specific) keyword or phrase can give you an edge against the competition. Used wisely throughout your digital content, 

That said, you shouldn’t try to repeatedly force a single target keyword into your blog post. Keyword-stuffing is not only inelegant and painful for your customers to read, but also more likely to get your content penalized by Google, which discourages those types of tactics.

When is a sitemap really important?

For websites with many pages, a sitemap helps search engines discover pages that are new or updated.

For new websites that don’t have many incoming links, a sitemap will server as a discovery too

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 6:22 pm

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